Dr. Anne  Jensen

Dr. Anne Jensen

Dr. Jensen is a clinical researcher and a published author on emotional healing and stress reduction. She is currently completing her PhD in Evidence-based Health Care through the University of Oxford in the UK where she is studying the effects of beliefs on muscle testing results. Muscle testing (aka “kinesiology”) is estimated to be used by over 1 million people worldwide, yet despite its widespread use, little research has been undertaken to establish its clinical validity, and as a result, its usefulness as an assessment tool is often dismissed. For her PhD research, Dr. Jensen has run a series of diagnostic test accuracy studies, the results of which she will be sharing with us on “Speaking of Health” on January 24, 2014. This is the first time that Dr. Jensen will be sharing her exciting results in a public forum – and is not to be missed! After graduating from New York Chiropractic College in 1993, Dr. Jensen migrated to Australia, where she spent 11 years in private practice in North Queensland. During that time she furthered her interests in sports performance and mindbody wellbeing by obtaining her Sports Chiropractic Diploma and a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Psychology. Upon receiving an offer to pursue advance studies at the University of Oxford, she spent two years in the United Kingdom, first obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Performance and an MSc in Evidence-based Social Interventions, and then a Masters in Sports Psychology. Her research interests lie in the relationship between stress and emotions and health and behavior. Dr. Jensen also maintains a private practice consulting with people from around the world, where the focus of her practice is stress reduction and mind body wellness.