Paul  Khanna

Paul Khanna

Paul Khanna, Deloitte’s Solution and Innovations practice global lead for SAP/SuccessFactors, was “born a business consultant.” Starting an IT consulting business at age 16, he helped companies improve IT operations by optimizing how people interacted with technology. Fast forward 25 years, he’s built an international career at Deloitte doing just that for the Fortune 100 and those just looking to break even. As a Principal in Deloitte’s Human Capital practice, Paul focuses on broad HR Technology integration. He was one of the first consultants to look at HR technology from an end-to-end perspective – beyond just “hire-to-retire”, but “customer-to-advocate”, and developed the HR FastForward methodology at Deloitte to bring business-led transformation perspectives to HR systems implementations. In his current role, Paul identifies the technology opportunities clients should take advantage of and how they will continue to evolve and shape an organization’s capability.