Kris  Dunn

Kris Dunn

Kris Dunn is a partner at Kinetix, but remains a VP of the HR-type who has led HR practices in Fortune 500 companies and venture capital-held startups. Kris believes the key to great talent management business results is to get great people, then do cool stuff to maximize their motivation, performance, and effectiveness once you have them in the door. He also believes all forms of HR administration should be squeezed down to the smallest amount of time possible, giving you more time to do what matters and doesn’t bore you. Professionally, he has made 3,000+ hires and 1,000+ fires, before he owned part of a recruiting firm. Kris cares so much about the art of HR that he's started two blogs with the goal of building a community he could learn from: and He's been putting his thoughts down every business day at these blogs for over six years.