Rev Dr. Ilenya Marrin

The Rev Dr. Ilenya Marrin LOVES helping people discover their strengths and how to use simple, fun changes to transform their lives! She loves helping people gain new awareness of the meaning of events they have experienced, often turning traumas into huge steppingstones for success. For Dr. Marrin igniting a spark in clients and students that lets them know they can be more, do more, have more of the goodness of life is what she specializes in. "I have witnessed small and large miracles regularly as students and clients have used what I have shared, or even better, when I have helped them access their own natural inner resources, yielding amazing shifts in consciousness and wonderful results in their outer lives. I am a catalyst for change, a nurturer of transformation. I am practical. I am gentle. I am joyful. I am radical. I meet my clients or students where they are and quickly help them to create a plan for next steps in achieving their dreams. Spirit works through me. I am constantly learning and growing as I do this work because each person is teaching me. I listen. I love. I share what Spirit brings present for me to share. I have moved every few years because of my husband's work in aerospace engineering, so I have not had a traditional upward career path, but I have developed a portable career, coaching, counseling, speaking and writing. I love what I do." Come join Dr. Marrin as she explains how to help you help yourself to live, love and share you heart with more abundance and clarity then ever before!