Dean Shrock, Ph.D

Dean Shrock, Ph.D, is a mind-body-spirit medicine specialist. and the author of two books: Doctor’s Orders: Go Fishing and Why Love Heals. His first book is not about cancer as much as it is about life. Readers can use the information to get well or stay well. While bringing more joy and meaning into life surely could affect a patient’s quality of life, Dr. Shrock’s research published in 1999 found that it extended their length of life. He concluded they lived longer because they felt listened to, cared for, and supported. People who are busy doing what they like to do not only tend to forget their aches and pains, but experience a positive effect on their quality and length of life. Dr. Shrock was very intrigued by his finding that feeling loved and cared for could extend survival with cancer. This culminated in his 2009 bestselling book, Why Love Heals.