Mark  Grimaldi

Mark Grimaldi

Mark Grimaldi graduated Albany State University in 1985 with a BA in Economics. His career began as an Investment Coordinator at Meyer Handleman Company in NY. Two years later he joined Prime Financial Services as Director of Operations. In 1992, he accepted a position as Manager of Securities Operations at Marshall & Sterling Consultants in Poughkeepsie, NY. Mark has been a portfolio manager since 1993. In 1997, he earned the Certified Fund Specialist (CFS) designation. From 1989-2005 he taught securities training classes at Dutchess Community College, Poughkeepsie, New York. In 2004, Mark became Chief Portfolio Manager of the Navigator Newsletters. In 2009 he launched The Sector Rotation Fund, sym: NAVFX, and he is portfolio manager of this no-load fund. In 2011 he launched his called The Money Compass where he acts as Chief Portfolio Manager and Economist. In January 2014 along with his co-author Mr. Steven Smith his book called The Money Compass was released by Wiley & Sons, Inc.