Jayne Dabu

“This is not my story, but everyone’s story. This is a story of survival, a story of loss, letting go and new beginnings.” Meet Jayne Dabu, the old Jayne and the new Jayne. She has walked the tightrope of faith. In her journey, she realized peace amidst chaos, joy in the mundane, stillness in the commotion and silence in the chatter. Through loss, she experienced a rebirthing of herself. Navigating through a medical system designed to fail individuals, it is through her discovery of the unspoken choices that are not offered freely by those “in charge” that she was able to triumph over illness and adversity. By listening and trusting her inner voice and the whispers created out of silence, she experienced deep healing. Jayne’s journey gave her a renewed sense of joy, love and passion in her life. It has brought her to where she is now and a new way of being. Jayne Dabu’s mission is to empower, enlighten, and nourish lives through education and serving humanity.