Andrew  Solomon

Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon is a writer and lecturer on psychology, politics, and the arts; winner of the National Book Award; and an activist in LGBT rights, mental health, and the arts. He is the author of two NY Times Bestselling and award winning books: The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression (2001) and Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity, as well as two earlier books, The Irony Tower: Soviet Artists in a Time of Glasnost (1991), and the novel A stone Boat (1994). He has served as a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine, and has written for The New Yorker. He has authored essays for many anthologies and books of criticism and his work has been featured on NPR’s Moth Radio Hour. He is a frequent writer on gay marriage, and his own marriage to John Habich was reported in New York Times, The London Sunday Times, Tatler, Newsweek and numerous other publications. He is a philanthropist, serving on many boards for humanities and the arts.