Margaret  Seidler

Margaret Seidler

Margaret Seidler works with leaders and organizations to raise awareness and increase performance using Polarity Thinking, a set of principles and a mapping method which foster “both/and” thinking for better, more sustainable results. Her interest in helping other professionals become more effective leaders began in the early 1990s, when she recognized the need to improve her own leadership skills. She is author of Power Surge, A Conduit for Enlightened Leadership, published in 2008 by Human Resource Development (HRD) Press, Amherst, Massachusetts. Relying on Margaret’s personal experience, Power Surge demonstrates how well-intentioned people can make poor decisions when letting their greatest strengths become undermining weaknesses. Her education includes a BA in Psychology and Master in Public Administration from the University of South Carolina. In 2009, Margaret became one of only eighteen certified Polarity Management® Masters across the United States and Canada.