Danny Green

Born and raised in Spokane WA., I married my high school sweetheart, played hockey professionally and trying out for the 1980 Olympics. Even though my life seemed like it was going great, I had a secret; I was an alcoholic. Eventually my alcoholism landed me in jail and I lost everything: my job, my wife, my 3 wonderful children, and my brother who was killed by alcohol. I hit rock bottom, and then Jesus came into my life. He brought to me the right people, showing me a new way to live. Then He called me to be a pastor. A pastor for 11 years and ordained, I started a church of 20 and now serve around 500 families. My vision is to clean up the streets of my town one addict at a time. My ministry is about 80% people in recovery. My passion is to help those with hopeless, dead-end lives and give them hope and a future, the same way I was shown; teaching them to love Jesus, love others, and love themselves.