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Rebecca is a 25-year-old who saw addiction in her family and who’s struggled with her own drug addiction for 10 years. Despite drug use, she graduated high school and even received a scholarship to the Art Institute, but addiction put an end to that. Her drug use started with marijuana, then she took pain pills, then smoked heroin, then injected it. Despite outpatient treatment, Suboxone to prevent her from getting high, 2 residential treatment programs, 3 sober living houses and many 12-step meetings, she has not been able to stay sober for more than a few weeks or months at a time in the last few years. In fact she went from being a functional addict to living in her car and panhandling for money. She went from being close to her family to being cut off without food and water. Recently she has gotten sober again and feels more hopeful. She has goals and dreams, a boyfriend who is also sober from heroin, and support from their families, especially her mom, a 12-step program and God.