Gigi  Bowman

Gigi Bowman

Gigi Bowman is a Libertarian activist who works to elect candidates to office with the goal of shrinking Big Government. She is Treasurer of the Suffolk County Libertarian Party, and president of Liberty Candidates, an organization she formed which vets and promotes candidates running for office on a platform of liberty. Gigi Bowman is the mother of three daughters and two step daughters. In 2003 her daughter Kati committed suicide while taking the drug SSRI prescribed to her for depression. The tragedy led to Bowman’s political activism, and in particular, her speaking out on how Big Pharma affects mental health. Gigi Bowman has organized many liberty events and rallies, including one at Kennedy Airport in opposition to the TSA Body Scanners, for which she was interviewed on Fox News. She is a realtor and serves as Director for the Huntington Township Long Island Board of Realtors. She earned a B.A. degree from Hofstra University.