Suzanne  Bryant

Suzanne Bryant

Suzanne Bryant is a former journalist from NYC who attended NYU for journalism and worked for Producer George Crile at 60 Minutes II. While living in NYC she took up a daily yoga practice to deal with anxiety, a bi-product or so she thought of living amongst metropolis. A daily practice of yoga would be the beginning of a journey. After noticing the powerful effects of calming her mind, clarity about her life began to reveal itself. Suzanne produced/directed the Feature Documentary Film, YOGA IS: A Transformational Journey. It features travels to India and across the US to interview many of the most prominent yoga teachers in the west as well as high profile celebrities Russell Simmons and Christy Turlington Burns, musician Michael Franti and Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman in search of what YOGA IS and how it relates to love, truth, happiness, purpose, dark, light, and transformation. Suzanne is forever grateful for the profound transformation she has experienced through Yoga.