Sara  Mabrouk

Sara Mabrouk

Sara Mabrouk is the producer and director of a feature-length documentary named The Food Cure. Sarah and her camera crew follow six desperately ill cancer patients for three years as they use an alternative cancer treatment, the Gerson Therapy, to heal their bodies and save their lives. Along the way, Sarah’s beliefs towards both conventional and alternative medicine were radically altered by the events that unfolded in front of her eyes. This brave young woman, a journalist and war correspondent, has made a powerful film that will change hearts and minds around this emotionally and politically charged subject. Sarah is also seeking contributions for her Kickstarter campaign that will provide the funds necessary to finish and release The Food Cure. Gerson Media and its employees are contributing to the campaign and ask that all Gerson fans and supporters everywhere, help her to help others, by donating whatever they can. Whether you can give one dollar or more, the large number of contributors will show necessary interest and support for the film.