Lamar  Williams

Lamar Williams

Lamar Williams is the Chief Marketing Officer at Precogs, a business analytics company focused on the electronic manufacturing supply chain. He brings more than 12 years of marketing and operations experience in industries including insurance, media, and software technology. His strengths as a leader are centered in communications, digital media, business development, and general management and have helped him boost the global presence of corporations, in terms of brand identity and revenues. Lamar strongly believes any goal is obtainable if you proceed with a step-by-step method. As one of the first in his family to attend a university, Lamar holds two Bachelor degrees in Communications and Psychology, and an MBA in strategic business analytics. As an American expat, he has a passion for diversity, from his avid interest in culture and personal development. Living in France for over three years, he has gained a fluency in French language and culture.