Faraz  Hoodbhoy

Faraz Hoodbhoy

Faraz Hoodbhoy is the Director of Outreach, Ecosystem & Innovation at AT&T. Faraz and his team are the ‘front door and face’ of AT&T to the innovator ecosystem. He works with startups, entrepreneurs, VCs, and big company innovation teams to help ensure the best ideas are connected with the most relevant principals in AT&T. Faraz and his team meet with more than 500 innovators a year. He has 15 years of entrepreneurial experience in the mobile software space and, prior to AT&T, was the founder & CEO of PixSense ($20M in VC funding, 40M subscribers, 35+ carriers, 120 employees, sold in 2011). An engineer with a BSc degree from Rensselaer, he is co-author of “Applied XML – A Toolkit for Programmers”, one of the first ten books on XML. Outside of AT&T, Faraz actively mentors several startups and entrepreneurs, and serves as a Course Mentor to the Entrepreneurship & Venture Finance Courses at UC Berkeley’s School of Engineering & Haas School of Business.