Julian   Payne

Julian Payne

The story of Julian Payne is a simple story. Although there’s nothing simple about what he does and how he does it, we wanted to take you into the Hair Lifestlyes of Julian Payne Celebrity Master Barber and owner of H.L the Traveling Royal Barber Service Co. At 33 years of age Julian Payne has taken the barbering industry a cut above the competition. With fifteen years of experience under his belt, he has created a niche in the barbering industry that cannot be ignored. He is originally from the east coast state of Maryland where he honed his craft for eight years after attending Ohio State School of Barbering and Cosmetology after high school in 1992. After his completion of barbering school, Julian immediately returned to Maryland to obtain his Journeyman’s license and later his Master Barber’s license. He started working in a small barbershop in Laurel Maryland where he quickly gained some clientele and got a sense of the business of barbering. Julian, being fresh out of barber school knew there was a lot to learn, like customer service and building a steady clientele was a key component in the business of barbering. Julian made his mark in the city of where he would later start his traveling barber service in 1998. Julian first started taking notice of this unique but simple niche by traveling to his uncle who owned a engineering cost analysis company on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington D.C. His uncle one day asked if he’s ever thought about expanding the service? I would say that the answer is quite apparent now. Julian was now aware that traveling to the client meant that he would have schedule his clients down to the minute and factor in traffic.