Steve  Ross

Steve Ross

Steve Ross has practiced various styles of yoga for his entire adult life and has been instructing for over twenty years. He has explored the physical aspects of yoga as well as the philosophical and spiritual roots of yoga. He spent four years as a monk in the Vedic tradition, and since that time, he has ceaselessly sought out and reveled in the presence of some of the most notable masters of our time, in India and beyond. He is honored to have the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with other spiritual seekers. Author of Happy Yoga, Steve combines upbeat, inspirational music with a relaxed, easy spirituality that make his classes at Maha Yoga some of the most popular in Los Angeles. His events are ecstatic and retreats well known to produce a blissful state of being. “You are already happy. The reason you don’t experience it is that it’s covered up by layers of suppressed emotions and negative thoughts. Shift your attention and your inherent happiness flashes forth.”