Tonya  Parker

Tonya Parker

Tonya Parker was a mental health therapist for ten years before shifting into holistic and metaphysical healing. Her studies include massage therapy, Reiki, shamanism, and much more. Now she boldly explores where few Southern black folks have gone before: experiencing, writing about, and interviewing healers and lightworkers about many healing modalities. Having received a Natural Wellness Certificate, Tonya nurtures her Natural Health Ministry ( She has a bi-monthly radio show, Mind, Body & Soul Food and a blog, Mind, Body & Soul Food Meanderings. Among her many ventures, Tonya has contributed to numerous fiction and non-fiction anthologies and created a meditation CD. In 2013 she was a featured writer for SYBIL magazine penning a column on Throat Chakra Healing. When not working on her new young adult novel, Diary of a Witch’s Daughter, you can find her at her day job, Adjunct Professor of Public Speaking at the University of the District of Columbia.