Juna  Guetter

Juna Guetter

Juna Guetter is known for her orgasmic touch as well as for being a catalyst for people to change the limitations they have locked into their bodies and their lives. With an intrinsic capacity for allowance and a graceful presence, she facilitates people by showing them pragmatic tools and strategies to unlock them from whatever binds them and to empower them to trust themselves to create whatever it is they desire...and that includes their body! Since 2009, Juna has been working internationally as a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, and additionally, since 2013, as a 3 Day Body Class Facilitator, empowering and educating people around the world in the art of conscious living and joyful embodiment. Juna has over 25 years experience working with bodies, dance, fitness, both as a student and as an instructor in many types of dance and conscious movement forms. www.SynergyInMotion.info