Rev. Jean Luc

Rev. Jean Luc "Djalòki" Dessables

Rev. Jean Luc "Djalòki" Dessables is an ordained Interfaith Minister, a cross-cultural consultant, and an engineer who leads Trips of Perspective for Faith and Money Network to his home country of Ayiti (the Creole name of Haiti). His life call is to contribute to a sustainable global society showing reverence for the mystery of life and valuing collective intelligence. Djalòki navigates through linguistics, quantum physics and interfaith spirituality to promote global mending and evolution through honest exchange between all cultures and systems of knowledge, both modern and traditional. He is founder and President of Konesans Consulting, which provides international cross-cultural education and consulting to educational, religious, for-profit, and non-profit institutions. Djaloki currently resides in Washington, DC.