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Brad Steiner

Brad Steiner is an internationally respected professor of unarmed and armed close combat and self-defense. In 1975 he founded the comprehensive American Combato System of martial arts. Steiner is the preeminent authority on the world war two methods of close combat, and has combined all of the key systems of that era with the most practical aspects of ju-jutsu, Chinese boxing, kenpo karate and Indian varmannie, as well as modern weaponry. He holds black belts in several systems, and has studied a number of miscellaneous courses in unarmed defense and weaponry. Steiner was a personal associate, student, and colleague of the late Rex Applegate and Charles Nelson. He has been teaching for half a century, and is President of the International Combat Martial Arts Federation. Brad Steiner has written two dozen books and 1,000 magazine articles on self-defense, close combat, physical training, security and protective services ( bodyguarding ). He trains city, state and federal law enforcement, and has instructed members of the Army’s special forces. He has a background in intelligence and protective services, and continues to teach classes and private lessons in Seattle Washington. The originator of the phrase “ When you are attacked, attack the attacker!” Steiner’s methods are extremely practical, aggressive, reliable and war-proven. American Combato has been referred to as one of the deadliest and most effective close combat and personal defense systems in the world.