David  Freer

David Freer

David Freer, CEO of Pablo’s Fish Taco Sauce, created his sauce a decade ago at a restaurant he owned called Head Rush Gourmet in Virginia Beach, Va. The fish tacos sold like crazy and customers were always asking for extra sauce. David thought, "What if I brought the sauce to the market. How cool would that be!" That night he took out a sheet of paper and started to draw his label, a vision he saw in his mind's eye. Not knowing anything about the product or how to market it, David's excitement fueled his desire to create something to bring to the world. Today Pablo's Fish Taco Sauce sells in Wholefoods in Mid-Atlantic Region! "I've learned that it takes passion, a commitment, planning, enthusiasm, faith, simplicity and accountability to achieve success. It's important realize that there will always be challenges to overcome." ~ David Scott Freer