Dr Sharon  Melnick

Dr Sharon Melnick

Dr Sharon Melnick As a business psychologist, Dr. Sharon Melnick is a leading authority helping business professionals move to the next level and have success under stress. Her methods are informed by 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School, sharpened by training in cutting edge stress resilience techniques, and field tested by over 7500 clients and training participants. Dr. Melnick is the author of the newly released book, Success under Stress: Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive when the Pressure’s On. You too can have steady focus throughout the day and come home with 30% more energy, stay rational when someone is driving you nuts, turn your perfectionistism into self confidence. Dealing with stress goes way beyond take a few breaths, or make sure to take time for yourself. Instead of trying to survive stress Sharon will have tools to actually solve the challenges that stress you out. Learn how to go through your day with calm and focus.