Gilda  Stahl

Gilda Stahl

Gilda Stahl, Senior Editor, heads up survey-based research projects in the Thought Leadership Unit of The Economist Intelligence Unit—part of The Economist Group. Her area of focus is global talent management, and her projects have covered diversity and inclusion, talent strategy, the future of the HR function and change management. Some of the titles she has edited include: “Values-based diversity: The challenges and strengths of many,” “Plugging the skills gap: Shortages among plenty,” “Why good strategies fail: Lessons for the c-suite” and “CEO perspectives: How HR can take on a bigger role in driving growth.” Gilda has also recently conducted research on the changing role of marketing and customer-centricity. In her previous role as editor at the EIU, she focused on industry reports, including consumer goods, retail and healthcare. She is a graduate of Barnard College and attended the Juilliard School.