Melinda  Petznick

Melinda Petznick

Melinda Petznick In working with Be Well Connections, this is “How I AM Nourishing My Body, Heart, and Soul”: *Career: I was a Stay-At-Home Mom for 20 years, looking to retire in 2011, when my last child would leave for college. With the lessening of my responsibilities in the home, I was searching for something to do. In 2010, the decision to form a family wine label came from the success of our first harvest in 2008 from the vineyards on our family’s property in Page Springs, AZ. This gave me the opportunity to take a lead role in developing wine sales, along with overseeing the marketing, social media, public tastings, as well as future plans for expansion with a wine club and onsite tours and events. I am a community fundraiser and volunteer, starting with the inception in 1992 of Fresh Start Women's Foundation. I was an active member of the Auxiliary Board for 10 years, which I had the opportunity to Chair, and when the Resource Center was built, I helped with the programs and services. Co-chairing the annual Gala, in 2012, was an honor and I continue to be a proud supporter. I’m in the beginning stages of writing a book about my experience with Leukemia, and the subsequent personal changes I made after the experience. *Relationships: I have a healthy relationship with my husband of 25 years. We are now spending more quality time together with the absence of our two grown children. My relationship with my children is changing and maturing as they are becoming adults. My family relationships are also important and I try to touch base with everyone as often as possible. I also have close friends, with whom I keep in touch with face to face and/or phone conversations. *Physical Activity: I’m an avid outdoorsman: hiking, walking, golfing, swimming. I have two very active dogs that require lots of exercise daily, so it forces me to, at the very least, go for a long walk with them every day. I also have a minimal amount of home equipment. And access to a gym, with cardio and weight training. To keep my body lined up, I have added more specific strength and stretching exercises with counsel and advice from a Physical Therapist. *Spirituality I am a Christian, raised as a Southern Baptist in Texas, now worshiping as a Lutheran. Gloria Dei Lutheran Church became our family church when my children were in their early elementary years. It has been an integral part of my spiritual needs, keeping me connected to the Holy Trinity: God, the Father, Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Nature plays an important role in my spirituality. Any chance I get to be outside observing the world, it puts me in direct contact with my higher power, God. I believe in the mysticism of the universe, striving to develop a peaceful and inspirational existence thru meditation and prayer. Favorite Whole Food: all varieties of Kale, especially Purple Be Well Connection’s Testimonial: When I first started with Be Well Connections it was to jump start a healthier lifestyle, with eating 'right' and exercise, maybe an occasional massage. But at our first meeting, Jamie brought out worksheets and questionnaires that had more to deal with my whole being. She revealed she had the resources (and the people) to teach me to purchase and cook whole foods, do yoga, use a personal strength trainer, and develop a career, along with different and amazing massage techniques. I quickly learned that the journey to overall health and well-being was very different than what I was envisioning. Jamie brought out the emotions behind day to day decisions, while teaching me to listen to my body’s needs. It was an intensive first few months for me, as I was in the throes of “empty next syndrome.” After a year of intensive coaching, my view of myself and the world around me aligned with my purpose for being. I started to prioritize true needs that kept me: physically fit-inside and out; on my spiritual quest; connected with relationships; and a fulfilling professional career.