Kevin  Toal

Kevin Toal

Kevin Toal is a licensed private investigator and provincial civil constable based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Kevin also holds a private investigator’s license for the province of New Brunswick. He is a frequent contributor to PI Magazine, and has an extensive background in locates. Before becoming a private investigator, Kevin worked at Rogers Cablesystems in Toronto, Ontario, where he established a fraud department and worked as a fraud analyst. The fraud department investigated accounts to recover lost equipment and monies as well as to prevent further losses. Kevin helped train incoming call centre representatives on how to identify and report potentially fraudulent activity. Although experienced in surveillance, Kevin prefers the challenge of tracing individuals who would rather remain hidden. While privacy laws may have closed off some traditional sources of information the surge in social media sites has opened many more. Kevin uses people’s own desire to communicate every facet of their lives to help locate and confirm the identity of subjects. At the same time, he has a great respect for old-fashioned knocking on doors and cold calls.