Nicola  Phoenix

Nicola Phoenix

Nicola Phoenix, brings a clear message that a state of great peace and deep inner happiness and fulfilment is possible – right here and now. As a Psychologist, Yoga teacher, Radio talk show host, inspiring speaker and author her works reaches out to support all who are wishing to live a more conscious life. Nicola communicates a grounded, informed and nurturing way of living in spirit. She combines her Western grounding in psychology, her experience living and teaching a pathway of the Eastern yogic practices and philosophies, coupled with her own vast personal insights and acts as a catalyst for people ready to embrace change in their lives. She believes that making real change is about treating the cause of any problem and not just the symptoms. Through her own personal journey and transformation she understands the support and guidance necessary as we make brave steps towards living authentically. Nicola lives in London, England with her husband and newborn daughter.