Benjamin  Fuchs

Benjamin Fuchs

Benjamin Fuchs is a registered pharmacist, nutritionist, cosmetic chemist and founder of Rocky Mountain Natural Laboratories in Colorado. Mr. Fuchs is, CEO and Chief Pharmacist at Econo Comp Pharmacy in Boulder, Colorado. He has been compounding custom medication, formulating nutritional products and consulting with doctors and patients since graduating from the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy in 1986. Since 1991 Ben has been lecturing nationwide on the importance of the strategic use of cosmetics and nutritional supplementation for healthy skin and bodies. Mr. Fuchs is the host of “The Bright Side”, which airs daily on the Genesis Communication Network, and is recognized nationally for his work as the on-air pharmacist/nutritionist on the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” radio program. Benjamin Fuchs holds a BA in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University, a BS in Pharmacy from the University of Colorado and has practiced as a Registered Pharmacist and Consulting Nutritionist for 15 years.