Dr. Greg  Schulte

Dr. Greg Schulte

In the early 90’s, Greg Schulte, was an engineer who traveled frequently for work. As a result of poor eating habits and excess stress, Greg developed Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). He sought relief through traditional medicine and found no solutions. Greg’s mom suggested he see a chiropractor. He told his mom he had GERD, not back pain. She said go. Greg did see a chiropractor and regained his health through both chiropractic treatments and nutritional supplements. Inspired by his own experience, he changed careers, returned to school and became a Chiropractor. Greg’s passion is helping people and his motto is healthy by choice, not by chance. Now, Dr. Greg Schulte is a Chiropractor and Nutrition Practitioner. He is one doctor in a select group of 8 chiropractors on a mission to spread the message of wellness through chiropractic. Dr. Schulte will share some of his best ideas and cures to keep stress from taxing you in a safe, natural and empowered way.