Lily  Myers Kaplan

Lily Myers Kaplan

Lily Myers Kaplan’s thirty year career, prior to establishing Spirit of Resh Foundation, centered on guiding people to create lives of meaning and purpose as a form of healing. She has worked with hundreds of people individually, on retreats in wild settings, and through workshops at her company, SoulWorks ( Lily currently offers counseling and consulting through the Spirit of Resh Foundation ( Foundational to Lily’s work is a love of the natural world, a value for service, and her belief that connection to soul revitalizes life. She holds a master’s degree in culture and spirituality from The Sophia Center of Holy Names College. In addition to her private counseling practice she has been a graduate program director, a hospice volunteer manager, and an executive director of a small non-profit organization. Lily says, “My most valued credential is my personal experience of living a soul-path grounded in the everyday world.”