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Kevin Dunn

Kevin has had a lifetime of teaching others, from instructing SCUBA diving to Mountain Operations, during his 15 years in the Army Reserves, where he retired as a Sergeant in 2005. Kevin has held several civilian positions from construction engineering to an Ontario Provincial Police Constable, along with owning a custom design, sewing, and manufacturing company, creating highly specialized gear. As a Master of many trades, Kevin brings a unique and diverse skill set to his consulting practice. Kevin and Ava work together in their business Schriver Dunn Group, as consultants & trainers, utilizing the powerful tools of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, & Hypnosis, to help individuals and businesses transform. Their passion for helping people and teaching has led them to develop their own trainings which they co facilitate. Kevin continues his education in Bio-Psycho-Social Development and Ava is currently on the Ph.D Track to be a Doctor in Natural Medicine.