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Ava Schriver

Ava has an amazing intuitive skill set and an ability to tap into and communicate with Ones inner wisdom assisting a person to let go of unconscious barriers to healing, learning, and success. A highly trained Advanced Cranio Sacral Therapist and Teacher’s Assistant with the prestigious Upledger Institute in Florida, Ava has had a very successful Therapy business for the past 12 years and since teaming up with her husband, Kevin, has helped people around the world transform their lives. Kevin and Ava work together in their business Schriver Dunn Group, as consultants & trainers, utilizing the powerful tools of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, & Hypnosis, to help individuals and businesses transform. Their passion for helping people and teaching has led them to develop their own trainings which they co facilitate. Kevin continues his education in Bio-Psycho-Social Development and Ava is currently on the Ph.D Track to be a Doctor in Natural Medicine.