Dr. Joanne  Mednick, Psy. D., MFT

Dr. Joanne Mednick, Psy. D., MFT

Dr. Mednick is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in a unique blend of various methodologies from traditional psychotherapy, to spiritual and enegry psychology and techniques offering her clients the deepest possible healing available. She received her Psy.D, MFT from Ryokan College and has M.A. degrees in both Applied Psychology ans Counseling Psychology. Her studies have a spiritual aspect and this unique perspective permeates her practice. This, allows her a deeper understanding of the most severe addictions and traumas, which helps clients heal on all five levels of consciousness: Mental, Physical, Energetic, Emotional and Spiritual. Through illness and addictions therapy, Dr. Mednick transitions clients who feel like "victims" or "survivors" to living as "thrivers." She also believes in the importance of the Inner Journey as a focus for transformation and feels it is her life's purpose to help others move along their own path towards complete healing.