Scott  Alexander

Scott Alexander

Scott Alexander spent most of his life depressed. In 2010 he lost his job, and his life, career, and identity was gone. Devastated he spiraled into a pit of alcohol, muscle relaxers and pain meds. He developed sleep anxiety and would toss and turn for hours. He’d take a pill or three and chase them with vodka...praying he would sleep. He knew he would wake up hung over and groggy, and that people would comment he looked ill...if they only knew. His closest friends knew something was wrong, but Scott could never admit it. He had lied about it for so long; he didn't know how to tell them the truth. Now Scott is 42 and feels better than he has in years. For the past 23 months he has been taking EMPowerplus™Q96. His head is clear, the depression and anxiety have eased. Scott’s story is not fresh or unique. It’s a story shared by millions of people who appear to be ‘happy go lucky’ while hiding their depression. This is one man’s story. But how many other men can relate?