Dot  Claire

Dot Claire

Dot Claire, Modern Day Medicine Woman and Change Agent. With 35 years experience as a nurse, healer, shaman and author, Dot empowers women in transition to face change with courage, get unstuck and manifest their desired lifestyle.
She weaves sacred oils, healing touch, ceremonies and creative sanctuaries into a tapestry that embodies living from your heart.
Her medicine bag is overflowing with self-awareness secrets for embracing the seasons of life more gracefully. Dot, an expert in ritual celebrations, guides women in drumming, chanting, meditation and dancing. Magic, the juice of ceremony with others, has the power to shift “stinkin thinkin” and empower women to step into their brilliance.
Through speaking engagements, seminars and private sessions, Dot passionately inspires you to raise your vibration so you can flourish in your life and business.
She empowers you to be real, live your truth, and become who you were meant to be—vibrant, whole and complete.