Terri  Long

Terri Long

Terri Long is cofounder and co-CEO of Harvest Earnings, along with Jeremy Eden. Terri works with senior executives of a wide range of companies in both size and industry. She has personally advised the leadership teams of companies such as PNC Financial, H.J. Heinz, Manpower, The Schwan Food Company, Energy East, Webster Financial, and Standard Register, among many others. Terri received her degree in Finance from the University of Illinois. She was in the corporate banking world for nearly two decades in a number of customer-facing senior roles, including at U.S. Bancorp. Terri was a client of Jeremy Eden’s and was so impressed with the principles of his approach that she joined him. Terri and Jeremy are considered two of the most practical and straightforward business thinkers in the field. They combine creativity and a thirst for improvement with the ability to not take themselves too seriously. This has made them sought after advisers. www.harvestearnings.com