Albert  DiLeonardo

Albert DiLeonardo

Albert DiLeonardo has a career that is filled with tremendous accomplishments. While a student at Temple University in 1978, Al began selling Cutco Cutlery. As a result of his success in sales, he was promoted to Cutco’s District Manager position in 1980. Al managed a successful sales office for 10 years, which granted him another promotion; this time to Division Manager. Once again, due to his success as a Division Manager, he was promoted to Northeast Region Manager. As a 12 year Region Manager, Al won an unprecedented 6 National Championships. Then, because of his passion for the business and his talent in attracting leaders, in 2002, Al was promoted to Vector East President and CEO. Al brings 36 years of experience, coupled with his gifts of developing people and giving of himself unconditionally to his role as President so that people in the organization feel blessed to be involved in such a caring organization.