Dr. Robin  Bruck

Dr. Robin Bruck

Dr. Robin Bruck is a chiropractor in NH. For the past 25 years, she has focused on helping people evolve their lives physically, emotionally, & spiritually. She utilizes cleansing, nutrition, chiropractic, & various healing techniques plus has been teaching a powerful and life changing course called Identity. This is a 2 part course that teaches a process to help uncover the root of a problem, not just treat symptoms. It provides insight into how our bodies are designed to support, guide & help us fulfill a higher purpose. Identity will help you discover yourself more & focuses on successful living through Self Trust. Dr. Bruck has been using the Identity tools to help her patients grow & develop past chronic ailments & emotional instabilities. She was introduced to the Identity material in the 1980’s by Bill Burns & was instrumental in bringing this workshop to NH. She’s forging the way to help people build personal responsibility for their own identity and development worldwide.