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Linda Searles

Linda is the Executive Director of Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale Arizona, founded in 1994 to rehabilitate animals native to North America. She is regularly consulted and interviewed by various print and broadcast news organizations as a wildlife expert. SWCC has been involved in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program since 1994. The Mexican gray wolf is the most endangered land mammal in North America, and SWCC has been on the forefront of efforts to maintain genetic diversity in this wolf population via reproduction testing and the recovery of genetic materials. SWCC also serves as a holding facility for the program, currently providing homes for 17 wolves. Linda is the recipient of the Conservation Award” from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, and the “Animal Hero Award” from the Arizona Red Cross SWWCC, Linda and SWWCC’s work is also recognized by the Arizona Humane Society