Diane  Breneman

Diane Breneman

As an attorney with 25 years of experience, Diane Breneman has devoted her legal career to supporting those who have suffered catastrophic burn injuries. Through her law practice, Diane has experienced phenomenal success in the area of product liability law and her burn injury practice extends across the United States. Through her legal work with burn victims, Diane became interested in the field of neuro-biology, having had the opportunity to work with some of the leading psychiatrists and neuroscientists in the country. Over seven years ago, Diane began studying mindfulness with a well-known meditation teacher, Joey Klein who has traveled the globe teaching his meditation system known as Conscious Transformation. Joey Klein is also the author of the Inner Matrix which explores the intricate relationship between the mind, emotions, body and spirit and how to optimize one’s experience of each. Since beginning work with her meditation teacher, Diane has seen every aspect of her life undergo profound transformation and has stepped into a new experience in life. Diane now teaches a meditation modality developed by Joey Klein known as Conscious Transformation. Joey Klein teaches weekend programs on the mind, emotions, body and spirit here in Kansas City and Diane teaches six week classes in Conscious Transformation supporting people to apply its practices to their daily lives. Diane has taught at multiple venues across the Kansas City metropolitan area, including at one of Kansas City’s largest hospitals, an inner city foundation supporting at-risk children, a private college preparatory school, a large suburban church and a high-end wellness studio. Diane works extensively with psychologists, therapists and others in service-oriented professions to provide practical tools that can deepen their capacity to serve. She also works one-on-one with clients to quiet the mind and shift and change out of painful lower emotional patterns and step into the lives they have always envisioned.