Steve  Houghton-Burnett

Steve Houghton-Burnett

Steve Houghton-Burnett is a motivational speaker whose main topic is Emotional Intelligence. He also runs a successful Change Management consultancy, is a business angel and Non-Executive Director of several small fast-growth businesses. So why is he speaking about Crowd Funding? Put simply... he is a disruptor and believes the Internet is best used for disruption. No stranger to change he seeks to actively provoke those around him to be constantly aware of the potential for change. He was responsible for helping to establish the Internet as a major force for UK business. He started one of the first combined design and technical agencies delivering award winning web sites. He also started one of the first five Internet Service Provision (ISP) businesses in the UK (the first to make a profit). It grew rapidly over a 5 year period and after 2 mergers and 2 additional rounds of funding was sold for £300 million 6 weeks before the .COM bubble burst, creating 14 'overnight' millionaires.