Dr. Lisa Page

Dr. Page is a Chicago native who earned her Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of the Rockies where she specialized in Health Psychology. Dr. Page’s clinical research has focused on sleep problems and their effect on lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, etc. It is her personal mission is to build a healthier community, one individual at a time. In order to do so she practices Cognitive Behavioral therapy to work with clients to help them reach their goals that often include overcoming limitations, problems coping with change, addressing specific symptoms, developing more fulfilling relationships, overcoming self-defeating patterns, addressing family conflicts, identifying and pursuing one’s true purpose in order to live more joyfully. This is further supported through the use of psychoeducation and building on the clients personal strengths and providing additional evidence-based therapies. Dr. Page also works with community leaders and government organizations, other healthcare providers, educators, retail food sellers, and farmers, to increase the availability of healthy, non GMO food and decrease the appeal and availability of processed and fast foods. Success in this effort would ultimately lower the medical expenditure in this country tenfold. In turn, this would have a significant impact on lowering healthcare costs and insurance to Americans. She is also greatly involved in IPA politics, advocating for the rights of people with mental health problems and mental health providers. Through her combined experience, education, and demonstrated leadership aspirations, Dr. Page has been primed to help her clients succeed. She strives to practice what she preaches and to be a compelling role model for others, while recognizing the importance of goals as a journey, more than just a destination. With her vigorous knowledge, resources, and experience, she is primed to lead America to the “health” back into health care. Contact: (847) 257-2409 Drlisapage@hotmail.com