Evan  Quinn

Evan Quinn

Evan Quinn is Research Director, Information Management at EMA, covering data integration, business process management, CRM, and database/data management. In his 20 years as an IT practitioner, he served in software development, development management, and product management roles in engineering and construction management at Stone & Webster, and in banking at Chase and Bank of Boston (Bank of America). He directly participated in the genesis of project management and data exchange applications, helped build first generation global electronic banking solutions, and led the delivery of large scale business intelligence (BI), sales automation, and performance management projects. As an industry analyst he launched and led the Java-Internet software service at IDC and enterprise application services at Gartner, and oversaw six application practices at IDC. Evan also worked in communications, competitive intelligence, and marketing at Oracle, Avaya, Actian, HP, and Symantec.