Rich  Weiss

Rich Weiss

Senior Portfolio Manager American Century Investments Weiss, a senior vice president and senior portfolio manager for American Century Investments®, serves on the investment team overseeing the firm’s asset allocation strategies. He co-manages the One Choice (Target Risk and Target Date) Portfolios, Strategic Allocation, Global Allocation and investments offered in the Learning Quest 529 Education Savings Program. He also serves as a member of the American Century Investments’ Asset Allocation Committee, which is responsible for establishing investment policy and reviewing investment decisions for all asset allocation products. Prior to joining the firm in 2010, Weiss was chief investment officer of City National Bank, where he was responsible for the bank’s investment management group. Previously, he was executive vice president and chief investment officer at Sanwa Bank California, where he managed all aspects of their investment department. Weiss holds a BA in finance Wharton and an MBA from the University of Chicago.