Naomi  Tickle

Naomi Tickle

Naomi Tickle is an international speaker and career consultant. She is the author of What Makes People Tick and Why and Who Am I Who Are You – Creating Successful Relationships. She was first introduced to Personology (face reading) 22 years ago. Amazed by the accuracy, Naomi felt this was an opportunity to help others to better understand themselves and the people they meet with. Naomi has appeared on CNN, NBC, BBC, Good Morning America and numerous television radio interviews around the world. Her book is used as a tool for communications, understanding children, relationships, team building, sales, career guidance and personal development. Recent blind studies with career counselors comparing the career assessment program with traditional tests such as Myers Briggs and DISC, indicated an exact match for both careers and personality assessments. Based on the feedback from the subjects studied they felt Naomi’s assessment was more helpful.