Loni Coombs

Loni Coombs

Host, Legal Analyst, Author, Mother Brigham Young University 1981 – 1984
 Bachelor of Science, Psychology
 Minors in Philosophy and Music

 Pepperdine University School of Law 1985 – 1988
 Juris Doctorate of Law
 American Jurisprudence Award – Criminal Procedure
 Moot Court – Jessup International Law Competition

 Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office 1987 – 2006
 For eighteen years Loni worked as a criminal trial attorney, prosecuting cases all over Los Angeles County. She tried close to one hundred trials, ranging from murders and gang cases to sex crimes and DUIs. For three years Loni worked in the Crimes Against Police Officers Special Unit, focusing solely on cases involving the murder or attempted murder of police officers. In 2001, Loni was promoted to Deputy in Charge of the Malibu Office, where she handled several high profile celebrity cases, including Nick Nolte’s DUI, Nicole Richie’s drug case, Kim Delaney’s reckless driving case, Sean Stewart’s assault case, and Meg Ryan’s stalker. From 2003 to 2006 Loni ran the Hate Crimes Division, managing the most complex hate crime cases in the county, and providing hate crime training to law enforcement agencies.

 Significant Cases

 People vs. Andre Alexander:
This was the murder case of Julie Cross, the first female Secret Service agent killed in the line of duty. It took over fourteen years and several agencies, including the LAPD, FBI, and Secret Service, to solve the case. The jury trial resulted in a death penalty verdict. For her work on this case, Loni was flown to Washington D.C. and presented with the highest civilian honor award given by the Secret Service and the U.S. Department of Justice. She was also personally thanked by President Clinton and Vice President Gore. 

 People vs. James Foster:
 The media referred to this case as the “Mini O.J. Trial” due to the similarities between the two cases -- a wife killed after a history of physical and mental abuse, DNA evidence, stalking, and racial issues. After two weeks of trial, the jury convicted the husband of first degree murder. 

 People vs. Danny Khatchaturian, et al.:
 This case, known as the LSAT theft case (Law School Admissions Test), involved the prosecution of three people for conspiracy to cheat on the national LSAT. The scheme included stealing the test at knife point in Los Angeles and transmitting the answers via pagers to Hawaii. After a grand jury indictment, defendants pled guilty to all counts.

 People vs. Ismael Medina:
 The jury found this defendant guilty of trying to murder a police officer and his son in their home. The gunshot wounds left the police officer a quadriplegic. The court sentenced the defendant to multiple life terms.

 People vs. Fred Jackson:
 This defendant received a jury conviction for attacking two women in their workplace, slitting their throats and leaving them for dead. During closing arguments and in front of the jury, the defendant bolted from his chair to attack Loni with a shank. The defendant was sentenced to life in prison.

 People vs. Catarino Gonzales:
 The jury found the defendant guilty of the murder of LAPD Officer Filbert Cuesta and the attempted murder of his partner. In this lying-in-wait murder, the defendant fired eleven rounds at the rear window of the officers’ patrol car, instantly killing Officer Cuesta. The jury returned a verdict of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

 People vs. John Hughes:
 This defendant pled guilty to stalking celebrity Meg Ryan and was sentenced to an out-of-state mental hospital to treat his delusion that he was married to Ms. Ryan.

 People vs. Nick Nolte: 
This defendant was stopped for erratic driving on Pacific Coast Highway. He pled guilty to driving under the influence of GHB, a growth hormone drug commonly known as a “date-rape” drug.

 • United States Secret Service Honor Award, presented by U.S. Secret Service Director L.J. Bowron 
 • Women in Federal Law Enforcement Special Recognition Award
 • California Narcotics Officers Association Award of Appreciation
 • Association of Deputy District Attorneys’ Deputy District Attorney of the Month Award (March 1996)
 • American Jurisprudence Award – Criminal Procedure

 Broadcasting Work 2006 - present In 2006, Ms. Coombs left the DA’s office and transitioned into the broadcast world working for national and local broadcast outlets. News Anchor: KTLA Prime News KDOC’s Daybreak OC Talk Show Co-Host: KTLA’s 9 am Morning Show Fox’s San Diego Living Field Reporting: KTLA Morning News and Prime News Legal Analyst: CNN (Brooke Baldwin) Court TV (Jami Floyd, Jack Ford, Ashleigh Banfield) HLN (Dr. Drew On Call, JVM) Entertainment Tonight The View EXTRA TV KTLA Contributor: Dr. Phil The Doctors Radio: Bill Handel Show, Bill Carroll Show, KFI 640 AM Trials Covered: Warren Jeffs Phil Spector OJ Simpson (Robbery) Mel Gibson Casey Anthony Jodi Arias George Zimmerman Martin MacNeil Award: AP Award for Phil Spector coverage on KTLA.com Author "You're Perfect" and Other Lies Parents Tell. The Ugly Truth About Spoiling Your Kids. This call to action for parents is written from the unique perspective of a criminal prosecutor and mother, sharing the critical insights she learned from working with hundreds of young people and their parents as they faced the life-changing consequences of their bad behavior. Family (as of 1/14)

 Husband Stepson 31
 Stepdaughter 30 (married, 5 year old grandson, 5 month old grand daughter)
 Son 29 (married, 4 month old grandson)
 Stepson 28 (engaged to be married 4/14) 
 Stepdaughter 20 Contact http://lonicoombs.com twitter: @lonicoombs Instagram: lonicoombs https://www.facebook.com/LoniCoombs lonicoombs@gmail.com