Betty Kreisel  Shubert

Betty Kreisel Shubert

Betty Kreisel Shubert sold her first design to a manufacturer at age 13 :It was that season’s best seller. The young designer had two hit Hollywood shows to her credit while still 18. A long career followed with credits for Stage, Screen ,TV Specials ,Ready-to-Wear, Las Vegas Musicals & Disneyland. In a parallel career, Betty created the uniform programs for major cruise lines, race tracks, hotels restaurants and casinos around the world. Her career focus changed from Costume Designer to -Fashion Historian when in 2010 , she wrote & illustrated a regular column for Ancestry Magazine,, called, OUT-OF-STYLE. Her long career culminated in having her first book published at age 88. Followed a year later at age 89, by the announcement that her ground-breaking book , OUT-OF-STYLE : A Modern Perspective of HOW, WHY and WHEN Vintage Fashions Evolved , had been named to prestigious Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2013, and by Family Tree Magazine UK, as OUR TOP CHOICE.