Darlene  Rollins

Darlene Rollins

Darlene Rollins is the care taker of a hidden and enchanted natural garden along a bold stream just above the Rappahannock River. It is trail-less, secluded, wild and beautiful, yet close to all the modern conveniences, half way between Washington DC and Richmond. Darlene helps people design the retreat that is best for them, either by offering short day trips for walking through the gardens or sitting by a stream. She also can facilitate meditation retreats, visions quests, intensives and contemplative retreats. Darlene is also versed in recent research on nature as medicine, the Pathwork of Self-transformation. By helping people cultivate the power of now, she educates and guides people through the principals of the transformational movement, shamanic world views, spiritualism, mediumship and the evolution of consciousness.