Marqua  Brunette

Marqua Brunette

Marqua Brunette has been an instructor of piano and voice to students of all ages for over 40 years in New Orleans and Panama City. After receiving a music degree from Indiana University she went to New Orleans for graduate work in music therapy. As a Music Therapist she specialized in students with dyslexia, ADHD, autism, visual impairment, and Tourette’s. She has lectured in England, Austria and throughout the USA. While only part of her private practice is dedicated to special needs students, she believes all students are special. Her mission is to teach the individual how to play or sing; not teach piano or voice to the individual. Many of her students have gone on to attend the finest universities in music and theatre and appear on and off Broadway. She has personally experienced the empowerment of music as a musician, teacher, Music Therapist, choir director, and as a cancer survivor.